Terms of service


1.1 These terms and conditions, as well as any order confirmation or other document specifically referring to these conditions, shall regulate the relationship between the Customer and Salesboard.com International AB (below “Salesboard”), Sveavägen 21, S-111 34 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (registration number 556794-9325) concerning the service Salesboard.com and any additional service.

1.2 Under this Agreement, the Customer shall be entitled to use the service Salesboard.com. The right of use shall be divided into user licences. Under an agreement on additional services, the Customer shall be entitled to use any service additional to Salesboard, whereby these terms and conditions, as well as special conditions where appropriate, shall apply to such a service.

1.3 The service shall be deemed to have been provided when Salesboard has activated the Customer’s user licences. The Customer’s obligation to make payments under Section 4.1 below shall commence at the same time. The license will be activated within 24 hours after signup and payment has been made.


2.1 This Agreement shall be valid for a period of 1 month at a time or 12 months at a time, depending on how the customer selects to pay. After this, a new contract period begins automatically.

2.2 The Customer may terminate the Agreement by cancelling the subscription inside their Salesboard account.


3.1 The charge for the service shall be paid with credit card in advance. Price information shall be stated exclusive of VAT.

3.2 If the Customer fails to make a payment, Salesboard shall be entitled to block access to the service until the Customer has made the payment in full.


4.1 The Customer shall be required to pay charges for the service and use thereof. In addition, the Customer shall be required to pay statutory VAT (if applicable). If the Customer fails to make a payment by the due date, the account will be cancelled after 14 days.

4.2 When using the service, the Customer shall comply with applicable law. The Customer undertakes to hold to Salesboard harmless in order to ensure that Salesboard is never held liable for any claims by third parties in connection with the Customer’s use of the service.

4.3 The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring that all information concerning user identities and passwords is stored safely.

4.4 The Customer agrees to have access to the required network service at all times, as well as to possess requisite hardware and software on Salesboard’s instructions.


5.1 Salesboard shall not, beyond what is stated in Section 7.2 below, be held responsible, or liable to pay compensation, for any direct or indirect damage or economic loss arising from faults, delays, deficiencies, disruptions, failed data deliveries, lack of availability or similar circumstances or events.

5.2 Salesboard shall never be required to pay a larger amount in damages per month than the equivalent monthly charge which the Customer has paid for the service.


6.1 Salesboard shall ensure that the following action will be taken to protect the Customer’s information stored by Salesboard. Information shall be protected with advanced security technologies, which means that any data sent to the Customer as he uses the service will be encrypted with SSL encryption. In addition, information shall be backed up on a daily basis.

6.2 Salesboard undertakes not to disclose the Customer’s data to any unauthorised third party, except where a requirement to that effect arises from a law, public body decision or judgment/decision of a court of law. Salesboard has however the right to use third party services to store data and deliver services.


7.1 The service shall be provided with a guaranteed minimum availability of 99.5% uninterrupted operation, summaries of which shall be kept for each month. However, this shall not cover any planned shutdowns (e.g. for necessary service and maintenance), which must be notified to the Customer 48 hours in advance. Nor shall this guarantee cover any faults outside Salesboard’s control. See specifically, in this regard, Section 9.1 below.


8.1 Salesboard shall be entitled to change these terms and conditions one (1) months after the Customer has been notified by email, of the relevant change. Such a change shall take effect at the beginning of a new term of contract.

8.2 Salesboard shall be entitled to implement, on an ongoing basis, product updates.


9.1 Neither party shall be deemed liable to pay damages or suffer any other sanctions if the completion of a specific commitment is prevented or significantly impeded by a circumstance over which the party concerned could not reasonably have had any control or which they were not able to foresee. Factors considered to fall into this category shall include, amongst others, labour disputes, lightning, fire, government agency decision or other public regulation, faults in another operator’s network, general shortage of transport services, goods or energy, or other similar circumstances. As soon as the obstacle has been removed, the commitment shall be completed in accordance with the Agreement.


10.1 The Agreement may not be transferred to any third party, unless the opposite party has given its consent thereto. However, Salesboard shall be entitled to transfer the right to receive payment under this Agreement.


11.1 Any disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or concerning any legal issues connected therewith shall be settled by a Swedish court under Swedish law.