Buyer Legend

13 Apr 2015

Salesboard had been up and running for quite some time and we felt that we wanted to enhance our...

Intro videos

7 Jan 2015

1. Deals 2. Working with companies   3. The contacts tab 4. Reports and analytics

Meet my Alter-ego responsible for Salesboard user onboarding

17 Dec 2014

A vital part of running a successful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business is user on-boarding, which is basically the process of helping...

Lessons learned from Stephen M.R. Covey on pricing in B2B selling

16 Dec 2014

Not everyone will agree with what I am about to say in this article, and of course some industries...

How I messed up my A/B test and ended up increasing conversions with 100%

12 Dec 2014

A while ago, I performed a split test to experiment with different versions of the start page of

New design and social collaboration features

26 Nov 2014

Today we are happy to release some exciting updates in Salesboard. All-in-all we’ve made 100+ updates to make every single...

Get More Sales Faster By Slowing Down

7 Nov 2014

Sales is a high pressure, caffeine driven, live fast or die world. Which is why it appeals to so...

The One that Got Away: Dealing With a Lost Sale

6 Nov 2014

When he is away from the office, my friend Baxter is a pretty enthusiastic fisherman. He has traveled around...

Closing Is An Art

4 Nov 2014

The close is the sale. Everything else in the sales process, whether you want to call it the sales...

The Danger of Yes: Prioritizing for Success

3 Nov 2014

Sales people love to say “yes”. The urge to please others is hardly restricted to sales people, and the...

Accelerate the B2B Sales Cycle

31 Oct 2014

Impulse buying can be a lot of fun, which it should be since it is usually an emotionally triggered...

Sales Principles That Will Make Your Head Spin

30 Oct 2014

No element of business is subjected to as much scientific study and analysis as sales. Which makes good sense....

Kill the Excuse Bug

28 Oct 2014

Thinking back to the gloomy, rainy days from last winter, how many times did it seem like a single...

Stand Out: Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

27 Oct 2014

First, the good news, you work for a great company, you have a product to sell, and you have...

How a 25-minute call with Sean Ellis doubled my conversion rate

24 Oct 2014

The other week I stumbled upon a site that provides “on-demand consulting” where you pay experts for their advice...

The Presentation: Speaking to a Group

24 Oct 2014

Sales people are well known for being great conversationalists. They have to be, it is part of their job....

Pre Cold Call Research

23 Oct 2014

What if before you even began dialing that the lead you were about to cold call was never going...

How To Get Your Emails Answered

21 Oct 2014

Most of us get more emails every day than we read, let alone reply to. Some emails we automatically...